Inspired by /uses, and my love of seeing what other people use in their day to day lives, here’s a list of what I use when I’m sitting at my desk.


  • 2020 13″ MacBook Pro with an M1 chip, provided by my employer
  • RoyalKludge RK-M75 keyboard, stock
  • MX Master 3 wireless mouse
  • Apple Magic Trackpad for when my wrist needs a little break
  • Apple AirPods Pro
  • Yeti Nano microphone
  • Apple iPhone 14 Pro
  • An old HP monitor that I plan to upgrade


  • VSCode with a variety of extensions
  • Local by Flywheel for easy local WordPress installations
  • Arc by the Browser Company which helps me organize any of the 5+ projects I’m working on
  • Notion for todos, project notes, etc.
  • Notion Calendar – I like a dedicated calendar app and this integrates with Google Cal nicely
  • Raycast for so many handy shortcuts and little utility apps including conversions, color picker, timers, reminders, clipboard, etc.
  • Outlook – I have a single Microsoft email for a client and a separate app makes my life easier
  • iTerm for when I need to do command line things outside of VSCode
  • omyzsh & CodeWhisperer to make using the command line a little more fun
  • Spotify Pro subscription because I can’t work without music
  • Figma for design files
  • A few utilities not handled by Raycast:
    • Vanilla to clean up my toolbar
    • Gifox for screen recordings
    • Shottr to easily annotate screenshots after taking them

Things on my desk

  • Two gridded, spiral medium size notebooks – one for notes, one for manual to dos
  • A fountain pen from a random Etsy store to make note taking fun
  • An Anker MagSafe charger with a wireless charger for my headphones
  • A variety of little knick-knacks including small candles, a fidget toy, a mini Lego Adidas Superstar sneaker, two Disney tsum tsums – Eeyore & Dumbo, and a Hello Kittle figure
  • A small Mario Badescu facial spray
  • A coaster with a pug on it to hold my water bottle